Lyric Everly "Pure Honey" EP

Image of Lyric Everly "Pure Honey" EP


Whimsical Pop. 7 self-penned tracks of sugary sweetness. Themes of romance and love, sprinkled with coconut and chocolate shavings, dusted with cinnamon, garnished with fresh strawberries.

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The "Pure Honey" EP was Produced by Carl Miner, current guitarist for the twice-Grammy-nominated band, The Greencards; Engineered by Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift, Jewel, Trisha Yearwood), and featuring members of the Lyle Lovett Band, Mumford & Sons, Futureman’s Black Mozart Ensemble, Little Big Town, Faith Hill’s Band, and more. Photography by Melodee Tonti.

Track Listing:
1. Good Evening To My Lucky Star
2. Twirl
3. Day of Sunshine
4. Streetlighting
5. Sugar Lips
6. Spoon
7. Leading Man Among Men